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Challenges to day
Today, unfortunately these prominent mountain ranges are under tremendous stress, degradation and damage due to human greed, population pressure, un-sustainable development, apathy by public, negligence by public servants, etc.

Haphazard mining, logging, poaching, forest fires, unsustainable harvest of forest produce, pilferage of rare species, smuggling and export of rare flora and fauna, encroachments of forest land and infrastructure development, myopic industrialization, springing up of habitations with an intention to colonize and devour the forest. The forest area in the Eastern Ghats has shrunk to half of what it was at the beginning of our republic. Exponential growth and development accelerated the decline of the natural glory of Eastern Ghats has to stop.

Though Eastern Ghats is such a rich and diverse eco-geographic unit, it has not caught the attention for conservation and to protect has national heritage. is a prominent eco-geographic unit, for ages the hill ranges were not viewed as one entity since they are dissected by river gaps, wetland and planes. There is a felt and immense need of a concerted and macro level conservation movement by the involvement of all stakeholders especially the public, for Eastern Ghats region. Its is also felt that collectivizing or binding all individuals and civil society groups in to a network will bring much focus and strength to the cause.

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