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  EasternGhats are endowed with large variety of biological species, geological formations and indigenous population. Though Eastern Ghats is such a rich and prominent eco-geographic unit, which is undergoing catastrophic changes, it has not caught the attention either of policy makers or civil society. We have taken cognizance of micro level initiatives by concerned individuals and organizations so far towards this cause. There is a felt need for a concerted, inclusive; macro level conservation movement for the protection of the Eastern Ghats by involving all stakeholders. Greens Alliance for Conservation of Eastern Ghats (GrACE) is a humble initiative to fulfill this felt need.


• unleash a national level peoples movement for Eastern Ghats conservation through networking and creating synergies among all stakeholders
• To raise the present status of Eastern Ghats to one of the Global Biodiversity Hotspots
• To highlight the significance, issues, challenges and conservation options
• To raise the participation of all stakeholders in conservation, sustainable management of the mountains and ecosystems
• To ensure its conservation by placing it on our national agenda
• To work for Eastern Ghats Protection Authority
• To work on Policy, advocacy for the sustainabiliety of the ranges
• To play a sentinel role in the protection of serene hills from destruction and degradation, its invaluable recourses, biodiversity, tribals, socio-economic, cultural and
  spiritual values of mountains.


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